I experience an overnight train for the first time between Venice and Vienna. It was a pleasant experience where we shared a cabin with 2 German girls and 2 Chinese girls who were very nice and like us, wanted a little bit of sleep before arriving in Vienna the next morning; however, the people outside our cabin had a different goal in mind – to party all night. I suppose that’s what you get for opting for a 9 Euro seat rather than a 30 Euro sleeper couch. Anyway, remembering that I am indeed a 20 year old and not an OAP as it may often appear, we began our time in Vienna by getting a McDonalds brekkie and thereafter  getting lost in the rain on our way to the hostel. Good start?! Hmm.

When we finally found Jack’s Hostel (good hostel to stay in, I recommend), we left our bags and went exploring.

One thing I noted about travelling around to different hostels is the amount of different types of people and personalities that you come across. We were sharing a room with a middle aged man who liked to stare but not talk… the quiet type maybe? He appeared to be in his bed everytime I saw him and I’m not entirely sure whether he left it within the 48 hours that we were in the city. There is quite obviously a constant turnover of room mates which is brilliant but when the two twenty-something girls in the bunk bed opposite appeared to have morphed into two quite large hairy men the next day, it can feel slightly odd.

My Viennese activities:

  • Ate plenty of Bratwurst and Currywurst
  • Visited the Kunsthaus (a lovely arty house which even has sophisticated arty toilets!)
  • Visted the Austrian Parliament
  • Attempted to find Mozarts house. Failed.
  • Went to Prater fun park
  • There were naturally plenty of classical buskers
  • Film Festival
  • ‘Crazy Chips’ and ‘Mango Groove’ at the Film Festival bar (The Mango Grooves were incredible)
  • History museum
  • Hofburg Palace – there was a Marching Band when we had a visit which was exciting
  • Old city walls

Overall, I loved Vienna. One thing that I missed about England whilst I was here though was our free museums. After seeing the price they charge throughout Europe, I vowed to never again take free museums for granted.





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