Prague began with my boyfriend walking into a lampost. Classic.

The food in Prague is amazing and so cheap to eat out. On the first night I had Dumplings, Pickled Cabbage and Pork for my main course, Apple Strudel with ALOT of Brandy for dessert, and half a litre of Beer all for under the equivalent of £10. I also had Beef Goulash Soup which came in a charming ‘Bread Bowl’ that you can eat, on another day, which was delicious. Food is definately a priority for me, so going from eating cheese on crackers everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Switzerland and Italy, to lovely warm food was definitely an improvement. Additionally, Beer is ridiculously cheap in the Czech Republic which means you can drink lots of it, no need to complain!

Whilst in Prague:

  • I went to the Communist Museum. On the topic of Communism, it felt really surreal to be in a country that has such a history of dictatorship. It was quite extraordinary to imagine the famous Stalin Monument overlooking the people of the city which the Metronome has now replaced. We went to visit this spot which is now a popular spot for skaters with an overhanging wire with alot of pairs of shoes attached. I’m not sure if the shoes are somekind of statement or whether someone merely decided to throw theres up and many others followed. Maybe I’m just looking too far into things; the HIstorian in me has made an appearance!Image
  • I also visted Prague Castle which is incredible and so grand!
  • The Glockenspiele
  • Charles Bridge
  • Painted a Brick for a Czech Mental Illness Charity
  • Image
  • Ended up in a pretty dodgy bar, which we left after 5 minutes. When the barman comes back in with a massive wad of money from what I’d presume is drug money and proceeds to turn the lights off and lock the doors with only you and a group of rough looking men in and their dog, you take it as the wrong kind of bar you want to be in! We found a nice one in the end where we managed to catch up on some of the Olympics so all was fine and dandy.



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