Coconut Oil – I’m in love.

Coconut oil is my staple in my skincare routine. The silky goodness is just incredible and does wonders for your skin, I’ve been raving about this for a long long time.


It’s great for skin irritations and since it has no parabens or any other nasties, you can’t fault it’s natural goodness! My go-to coconut oil is usually the Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Organic Coconut Oil. You can buy 500ml of this from amazon for about £9 but it lasts absolutely ages.

My current pot I have had for about 5 months and I’ve only used about ¼ of the pot, this is after using it every single day as a full body moisturiser. Amazing! I know other people use coconut oil in cooking as well, the health benefits are supposed to be great. I personally haven’t really used it much for cooking, mostly due to the price of the tub as I know I’d get through it far too quickly. I have tried it out once or twice though as a frying oil instead of cheaper sunflower/vegetable oil and I must admit, it does seem to do the job, I’d definitely try in in the future.

Over the past couple of years I’ve really been getting into the most natural products possible – those that are cruelty free, as well as products that don’t irritate my sensitive skin. I might write a blog post about other 100% natural products that I use soon!

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